Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Announcing the FREE IPLocationTools.com Blog Widget

Real-Time Visitor API displays the geographical information of your blog readers

The power of the personal blog and the sheer number of bloggers have had a profound impact on the Internet. Blogs have transformed from being simple web diaries to becoming public platforms for information dissemination. These platforms not only allow bloggers to easily express their thoughts and ideas but they also enable the readers of these blogs to easily interact with the bloggers themselves.

Every blogger hopes to own a popular blog with high web traffic to build a large blog readership. After all, being popular and sought after by readers are vital to establish brand in their niches which in turn spells more business opportunities or advertising revenues for them. If you would like to know where your online visitors are coming from by their countries, regions and cities, along with the date and time of their visits, then get our blog widget, the Real-Time Visitor API, and you can display the geographical information of your blog readers in real-time.

The IPLocationTools Real-Time Visitor API is a tool which displays information in real-time about your online visitors and their geographical location. All you need is an API key which you can get after you register for free on our website. You can then customize the font size, font color, border color, border size, background color, background images, time zones and time stamps, etc for the API. You can then insert the JavaScript code into your blog and start to display in real-time your visitor's IP address, country flag, country names (short or long), city, date and time of their visit to your blog.

Real-Time Visitor API installation process is very simple; you can go to http://www.iplocationtools.com/join.html and enter your Full Name, User Name, Email Address and Domain Name to register for a new account.

Soon after registration, you will receive our e-mail with your registration information, including your Full Name, User Name, Email Address, Domain Name, API Key, and Free Credits (each credit is one use of the API). In order to prevent misuse or malicious use, IPLocationTools requires each API user to apply an API Key, and each API Key is specific to an API user.

Now go to http://www.iplocationtools.com/api.html and copy the JavaScript sample code from the page.

To paste the JavaScript code into your blog, click on the right above the Customize, you will then see the Layout page. Next, click Add a Gadget and a new window will pop up.

In this window, select HTML / JavaScript. You will now see the Configure HTML / JavaScript window. Just paste the code that you have copied into the Content field but remember to change YOUR_API_KEY to your actual API key which you should have received in an email after registration. If you omit this step, the Real-Time Visitor API will not function normally in your web page.

If you want to install the Real-Time Visitor API on your web page, you can just paste the sample JavaScript code into your web page using any HTML editor. Again, please remember to replace the YOUR_API_KEY with your actual API key.

You should now be able to see the Real-Time Visitor API on your blog and it will show visitors the geographical locations of your recent online visitors. Below you can see an image of the Real-Time Visitor API in action on the WidgetBox website. To see the live API in action, you can go to WidgetBox.

IPLocationTools provides a few different looks for the Real-Time Visitor API. You can view the various looks at the Samples page. Select the look that you want and then copy and paste the displayed code into your blog or web page.

If you have any suggestions on improving the Real-Time Visitor API, you are always welcomed to email us at