Monday, November 16, 2009

IPLocationTools is proud to unveil our free Native Language By IP Address API

Native Language by IP Address API
Display a warm welcome message to your visitors in 12 supported worldwide languages

Blogging has become a daily activity for many people around the world. With an ever increasing number of people from around the world visiting your blog, you can use our little widget will display a warm greeting to your visitors in their native languages which will help you to form a more personal bond with your visitors.

We have selected the world's most widely used languages to be displayed on our widget. Currently, our widget supports greetings in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.

The World’s 10 most influential languages by George Weber

Our widget detects the default language of your visitor's browser and displays the greeting message in that language. If the right language cannot be determined then our widget will check the language of the location that the visitor's IP address originates from. For example, when a visitor from Japan visits your blog, it will detect that the default browser language of your visitor is Japanese

or if the IP address is from Japan.

then our widget will display the preset message in Japanese.

You can choose the type of text effect and background image for your preset message and then IPLocationTools will generate the custom codes for you to paste into your blog.

Our widget also increases the probability of them being interested and to keep coming back to your blog. You can view some of the real-life examples being used on some blogs.

It will only take you less than a minute to put it up on your blog with just two simple steps. Please visit to see samples of the 12 major languages currently supported.

First, select the type of text effect from the list, then select the background image from the list below, our website will show you the preview of how your final API will look like.

Once you have achieved the desired look of your API, all you have to do is to copy the codes in the textbox below and paste into your website or blog.

We hope that our widget will help to create a sense of familiarity to your visitors from all around the world, especially from Japan and Korea. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on how can we further improve our Native Language by IP Address API, please email us at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Announcing the FREE Blog Widget

Real-Time Visitor API displays the geographical information of your blog readers

The power of the personal blog and the sheer number of bloggers have had a profound impact on the Internet. Blogs have transformed from being simple web diaries to becoming public platforms for information dissemination. These platforms not only allow bloggers to easily express their thoughts and ideas but they also enable the readers of these blogs to easily interact with the bloggers themselves.

Every blogger hopes to own a popular blog with high web traffic to build a large blog readership. After all, being popular and sought after by readers are vital to establish brand in their niches which in turn spells more business opportunities or advertising revenues for them. If you would like to know where your online visitors are coming from by their countries, regions and cities, along with the date and time of their visits, then get our blog widget, the Real-Time Visitor API, and you can display the geographical information of your blog readers in real-time.

The IPLocationTools Real-Time Visitor API is a tool which displays information in real-time about your online visitors and their geographical location. All you need is an API key which you can get after you register for free on our website. You can then customize the font size, font color, border color, border size, background color, background images, time zones and time stamps, etc for the API. You can then insert the JavaScript code into your blog and start to display in real-time your visitor's IP address, country flag, country names (short or long), city, date and time of their visit to your blog.

Real-Time Visitor API installation process is very simple; you can go to and enter your Full Name, User Name, Email Address and Domain Name to register for a new account.

Soon after registration, you will receive our e-mail with your registration information, including your Full Name, User Name, Email Address, Domain Name, API Key, and Free Credits (each credit is one use of the API). In order to prevent misuse or malicious use, IPLocationTools requires each API user to apply an API Key, and each API Key is specific to an API user.

Now go to and copy the JavaScript sample code from the page.

To paste the JavaScript code into your blog, click on the right above the Customize, you will then see the Layout page. Next, click Add a Gadget and a new window will pop up.

In this window, select HTML / JavaScript. You will now see the Configure HTML / JavaScript window. Just paste the code that you have copied into the Content field but remember to change YOUR_API_KEY to your actual API key which you should have received in an email after registration. If you omit this step, the Real-Time Visitor API will not function normally in your web page.

If you want to install the Real-Time Visitor API on your web page, you can just paste the sample JavaScript code into your web page using any HTML editor. Again, please remember to replace the YOUR_API_KEY with your actual API key.

You should now be able to see the Real-Time Visitor API on your blog and it will show visitors the geographical locations of your recent online visitors. Below you can see an image of the Real-Time Visitor API in action on the WidgetBox website. To see the live API in action, you can go to WidgetBox.

IPLocationTools provides a few different looks for the Real-Time Visitor API. You can view the various looks at the Samples page. Select the look that you want and then copy and paste the displayed code into your blog or web page.

If you have any suggestions on improving the Real-Time Visitor API, you are always welcomed to email us at

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

IPLocationTools Blog Widget 网站博客边栏工具

Real-Time Visitor API实时显示在线访问者地理位置信息

个人博客的威力随着参与博客的人数越来越多以及层次越来越丰富而带来网络的一次革命。博客对社会文化产生了深刻影响,博客已经从简单的网络日记演变成为了信息发布的公共平台。它不但能够让博主记录自己的生活点滴, 充分地发表自己的思想观点, 而且不需要传统媒体或任何协助就能够让博主与读者交流与互动。

作为一个博客,总希望自己的博客受欢迎、点击率高、受读者追捧。如果你想知道你的博客访问者来自哪个国家、地区、城市、访问日期和时间等, IPLocationToolsReal-Time Visitor API就能帮你实现这个功能。

IPLocationTools提供的网站博客边栏工具是一个可实时显示在线访问者地理位置信息的API 应用程序编程接口。你只需要简单注册索取API key,设置字体大小、字体颜色、边框颜色、边框大小、背景颜色、背景图片、时区和时间戳等,就能提供相应的代码免费使用,之后在博客里插入一段JavaScript代码就能实时显示到访者的IP地址、所属国家的国旗、国名(短或长)、城市、访问日期和访问你的网站的时间。

Real-Time Visitor API的安裝過程非常簡單,你只需在 输入你的姓名用户名电子邮件网址来注册一个新帐户。

你将很快收到我们的电子邮件附加你的注册信息,包括你的姓名用户名电子邮件网址API KeyFree Credits (免费使用次数)。为了防止API被滥用或恶意使用,IPLocationTools要求每个API用户申请一个API Key, 而每个API Key只标识一个API用户。

现在我们回到IPLocationTools的网页 , 复制登在网上的JavaScript示例代码。

把你所复制的JavaScript示例代码粘贴在你的博客上,点击右上边的Customize,你的博客会连接到Layout页面。你只需按Add a Gadget,就会弹出新窗口。

然后选择HTML/JavaScript,你的博客将会弹出新的窗口Configure HTML/JavaScript,你只需把你所复制的代码插入Content里。记得把你所收到的电子邮件中的API Key代替最后一行的html代码中的YOUR_API_KEY。 如果你省略这个步骤, Real-Time Visitor API将无法在你的网页上正常操作。

如果你想在你的网页上安装Real-Time Visitor API,你只需把JavaScript示例代码加入你的HTML网页或编辑器里。

最后你将会看到在你博客上的Real-Time Visitor API开始显示你的在线访问者的地理位置信息。图下是Real-Time Visitor API显示WidgetBox页面在线访问者地理位置信息。

IPLocationTools提供不同设定的Real-Time Visitor API. 你可以在Samples里选择你所要的设定,拷贝后粘贴代码在你的博客或网页里。

如果你想提供任何建议让Real-Time Visitor API变得更好更实用,欢迎邮电至.